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Direct Booking Hotel

Connect, manage and monitor Direct Revenue with one simple marketing package

Website Pro

Engineered to convert visitors into hotel guests. Designed and developed to deliver exceptional user experience and emotional impact. The perfect vehicle to take advantage of a hotel's online presence.

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Design Excellence

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User Friendly

Engineered to convert visitors into guests. Designed and developed to deliver results.

Search Engine Optimization

Correct implementation of SEO Standards and best practices for the best results in organic search.


SEO Audit and Implementation

  • Duplicate pages/content
  • Optimal domain setup
  • Language & Geo Optimization
  • Robots.txt
  • Coding Issues
  • Duplicate Meta Tags
  • Analyze current SEO situation
  • Optimized meta tags
  • XML site map
  • 301 redirections
  • Optimized HTML structure
  • Setup Google Analytics Account
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tool Account
  • Setup Google Local and Google+ pages


Advertise on all major Search Engine platforms. Set, control and monitor your budgets. Includes keyword optimization and automatic ROI adjustment.


Meta I/O Access

Connect, manage and monitor every major meta-search platform with one simple dashboard. (Subject to CRS connectivity.)


Stay up-to-date with Analytics

A simple Analytics dashboard. Monitor direct revenue and performance indicators.


Account Support

Each member of the account management team has expert knowledge of hotel marketing and can advise you of best practices, troubleshooting actions and other steps that individual hotels can or should take to improve their current marketing activities.