Website tagging like a pro

Part 2

How quickly do tagging trends change?
The trends and the applications themselves change very often, so it’s important to stay up to date on what is going on with booking engines. Applications like Bid Manager are also constantly evolving – including how they are used. For example, Bid Manager recently changed interfaces, which completely altered how audiences are created within the application. This impacts our tagging as well as how the strategists use the audience pools for future campaigns, so it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve.

How important is tagging for KPI effectiveness?

Tagging is a critical component for KPIs, and it’s a huge component of how we determine each hotel’s best guests, what they look like, what they are interested in, and so on. The insights derived from the tagging essentially effects everything from marketing campaigns to website redesigns.

The most important thing to ensuring KPI effectiveness is understanding how all of DoubleClick’s and Google’s products work together and how to utilize that data to inform your decisions going forward, whether it means editing your website, highlighting a specific package, or drafting a new campaign of digital ads. At Cendyn, we dig deep to determine what areas need tags, including cross domain tracking. For example, if there is a jump between sites (e.g. between a hotel website and booking engine or a website and restaurant reservation site), we find all the avenues and corners that a user would interactive with in order to create a comprehensive and effective campaign that results in the most ROI for our clients.

How has tagging evolved at Cendyn in particular?

When you see the reports that analysts provide to our clients, it’s rewarding to see the ROI that they can achieve, which is directly due to the framework my team has put in place. When someone new comes into the department, I spend the first few days having them study everything about tagging and our DCM campaigns before I’ll give them an actual task. This really provides a pivotal foundation for understanding for all the various technologies and strategies we rely on in AdOps.

Another great thing about the team at Cendyn is that we all see things differently. We will have several different analysts looking at the same reports, and each one will take a new insight from that data. It’s so important to have those different points of view, which is turn reveal new opportunities to improve efficiencies and new ways to deliver results for our clients.

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