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Increase the visibility of your hotel with Google Property Promotion Ads

Your hotel can appear in the top positions of your city and destination search results. This sales channel allows you to increase the visibility and popularity of your hotel on generic searches.

What are Google Property Promotion Ads?

Google Property Promotion Ads is an ad format created to make your hotel more popular. The goal is for your hotel to appear on a generic search query at the beginning of the traveler’s buying journey.

A Property Promotion Ads campaign will make your hotel appear on strategic locations of the Google search results page (SERP), but also on a specific geographical area, your destination. Indeed, appear in a privileged position when travelers search for a hotel online in your city, such as “Hotel New York”, “Hotel in Berlin”. 


Thanks to a Property Promotion Ads campaign, adverts promoting your hotel will appear at the top of Google Search engine results, on Google Maps or on Google Hotel Search.

Finally, note that there is a difference between a metasearch campaign such as Google Property Promotion Ads and metasearch campaigns on your hotel page on price comparison sites such as Google Hotel Ads, Tripadvisor, Trivago or Kayak.

  • Ad types such as Google PPA, Tripadvisor Sponsored Placements or Trivago Sponsored Listing will boost the visibility of your establishment. You will reach travelers on their generic searches by destination. These are travelers who know where they are staying and want to choose the right accommodation. 
  • The metasearch campaigns on your Google Hotels Ads page, Tripadvisor and on any other meta engine, will reach Internet users who search for your hotel name and are interested in your establishment. The objective is not so much pure visibility as the transformation of a prospect into a customer who books directly on your hotel website.  

In short, these two types of metasearch campaigns are complementary. We recommend launching both kinds of digital distribution strategies on metasearch in order to increase your direct bookings all the more.


Where does my hotel appear with Property Promotion Ads? 

Your ad placement will appear at the top of the search results in the following three spots on Google. 

Google search results

Google PPA Hotels CarouselYour ad will appear in a preferred position on the Google search results page, only on mobile. 

When a traveler searches for hotels in a given geographic area on Google Search (for example, “hotels Bangkok”), a carousel may appear at the top of the results page featuring sponsored hotel ads.

Google Travel : Hotel search results

When a traveler searches for a hotel on Google Hotel Search, still at a destination, Property Promotion Ads may appear in the search results or in the “Price” tab of a hotel listing. 

These ad placements are identifiable by the fact that they are labeled “Ad”. When the Internet user clicks on your ad, they access the “Sponsored” tab. This tab is exclusive to your ad in order to promote your establishment and your offer.

Ads on Google Travel / Hotel search results

Hotel Ads on Google Travel Hotel Search

“Sponsored” and “Prices” tabs

Google Property Promotion Ads "Prices" and "Sponsored" tabs

Finally, your ad can appear at the bottom of the “Prices” tab of a competitor’s metasearch page. Google makes a selection of recommendations based on ads of establishments similar to the hotel searched by the user. 

Bottom of the “Prices” tab on Google Hotel Search

Ads at the end of the Prices page

Google Maps

When a traveler searches for a hotel in your city, your ad may appear in first or second position depending on your bidding. When the traveler interested in your hotel clicks on your sponsored offer, your Business Profile will appear (see second image below).

Property Promotion Ads on Google Maps

Hotel Property Promotion Ads on Google Maps

Why invest in a Property Promotion Ads campaign?

The main advantage of Google PPA is to amplify the visibility of your property on different Google channels. You increase your chances of attracting customers who know their destination but are still looking for accommodation. This type of sponsored ads allows you to increase your direct bookings, and complements other types of advertising campaigns and metasearch presence.

The advantages of Google Property Promotion Ads

In addition, your sponsored offer is exclusive in the search results, meaning that your hotel prices are not in competition with other advertisers. When a user clicks on your ad, only your official rates appear and not those of other distributors, which brings great visibility to your hotel.

Exclusive sponsored offer

Exclusive Sponsored Offer

Finally, this solution allows you to promote your establishment: 

  • During low occupancy periods.
  • During its launch, to make it known.
  • After renovations or after adding services (spa, restaurant, partnership with nearby activities).
  • Depending on an event in your region that will increase the relevance and attractiveness of your hotel.
  • When you make an exceptional offer on your rates or services, for a limited time.
  • If it is a hotel that is part of a hotel group, to increase the occupancy rate in a specific geographical area.

What are the bidding methods for a Google Property Promotion Ads campaign?

The bidding methods available on Google Property Promotion Ads are identical to those of the meta search campaigns of Google Hotel Ads:

  • CPA (cost per acquisition) (commission per conversion): you define a fixed percentage of the room rate that you pay each time a traveler books through your ad. This guarantees your distribution cost because you only pay if there is a reservation. 
  • Commission on guest stay: you pay a percentage of the room rate only for guests who have stayed at your property. This bidding method eliminates possible cancellation fees and further secures your distribution costs.
  • Manual CPC (cost per click): you set a fixed amount that you pay each time a traveler clicks on your ad. 
  • CPC percentage: you define a percentage of the room price per night that you pay when a traveler clicks on your ad.
  • Enhanced CPC: used with the previous two CPC bidding methods, this strategy helps you get more conversions by automatically adjusting your manual bidding for clicks that are likely to result in a booking on your website, while trying to keep the same ROAS as with manual CPC.

Commission bidding methods are automated, easier to manage and guarantee your distribution costs. Campaigns need to run for at least two weeks before you can assess the results while the algorithm adjusts. 

However, manual CPC bidding methods allow for a higher level of granularity in managing your campaigns. With CPC, you can also use bid multipliers to automatically increase or decrease the fixed CPM bid for an element based on different criteria.

For example, if mobile performs better for you, you can target both mobile and desktop devices, and then set a bidding multiplier to increase


 the bid for mobile devices without using two different bidding lines. You can apply bidding multipliers based on market, demographics, audience lists, device type, apps and urls, public exchanges and private bids.

Furthermore, you can adjust any bidding method in your campaigns based on the traveler’s geographical area, device type, length of stay, day of arrival, date type, booking period and audience list.

It’s up to you to define the strategy that best suits your business and goals. You can combine manual strategies with automated models to find the right balance of performance to achieve your goals.

Finally, our Meta I/O platform allows you to manage your Google Property Promotion Ads and any other metasearch campaign from a single interface. Launch your campaigns, adjust your bidding methods and track your performance from one simple and efficient environment. You can ask our team to help you manage your campaigns if you wish and you will always benefit from our customer service team. 


To summarize, Google Property Promotion Ads campaigns allow you to increase your direct bookings by boosting your visibility towards an audience of travelers who are looking for an accommodation in your destination.

The goal is to display your hotel in strategic placements on Google in order to reach Internet users who know their place of stay but haven’t chosen their hotel yet. You encourage them to book directly on your hotel website and not with your competitors or via an OTA.

It is up to you to choose the best strategy according to the digital goals you have set beforehand. You can launch Google Property Promotion Ads campaigns with Meta I/O, our metasearch management solution. To learn more about this type of campaign, please contact our team.