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Meet the Cendyn Team: Travel chat with Rodd Herron

Travel chat with VP of Events & Sales Development, Rodd Herron

Rodd with his daughter Becca in Key West


Rodd Herron


VP of Sales Development and Events

How long have you been traveling?

Since I was a child, in the back seat of the family station wagon. Of course, in the middle between my two older sisters. If I was lucky, I could sit in the back seat facing backward.

What do you do to avoid getting sick?

I always travel with airborne and eucalyptus for the shower.

What is the best way to change currency?

At an ATM, but I also keep a wallet in my briefcase with currency for tipping.

Aisle or window?

Aisle in the front.

Tips on how to take a nap on a plane?

I am lucky because I’m usually asleep before the door shuts. On my last flight to London, I fell asleep while still boarding. I woke up a while later and asked the guy next to me if we were in London, to which he burst out in laughter and said “we had a mechanical issue and have been back at the gate for about 90 minutes. I was wondering what you would think when you woke up.”

What’s your favorite airline and hotel?

British Airways and Hyatt Regency Beaver Creek

Best way to overcome jetlag?

Sleep in the new time zone on the plane.

What is your favorite/worst thing about traveling?

Experiencing new things with loved ones. Leaving loved ones behind.

What is your longest trip to date?

11 countries in 14 days.

Do you not know someone until you have traveled with them?

Heck YES! That includes people you have known for a long time.

What is your travel horror story?

Being told inflight by the flight attendant that your bag is not on the plane. Then realizing you are in jeans and you have to speak at a sales meeting the first evening in Kuala Lumpur. I am not a little man and they do not sell pants in KL that are larger than a 36 waist. Thanks to the GM, I looked pretty good in a bellman’s pants that night.

Favorite destination and why?

Vancouver BC with a friend. We went on a seaplane ride to an island for dinner. I will never forget the beauty!