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Meta-Search I/O

Meta-Search advertising made easy.

Meta I/O serves as a central management hub between your CRS and the meta-search platforms. You connect to our system once and manage all your Meta-Search advertising budgets from a single dashboard.


How it Works

  • Connect

    Meta I/O connects with the leading CRS, Channel Managers, and hotel chains' proprietary systems.

  • Advertise

    Rates and availability are provided to the meta-search platforms for each hotel to be displayed with real-time inventory.

  • Manage

    Manage and monitor all spendings from a single dashboard. Control one hotel or hundreds. Easy to use, yet very powerful.

Meta-search advertising made easy


Meta I/O has an initial set-up fee per hotel plus a low monthly connection fee.


Meta I/O is a powerfull yet easy to use dashboard that gives transparency and control over how budgets are spent on each Meta-Search sites. Sort by ROI, revenue, ad-spend and more. Manage one hotel or hundreds.


Budget Control

With Meta I/O, easily manage your hotels based on ad-spend, ROI, conversion rate or get more granular and manage each platform individually per hotel. Turn on/off the entire hotels on all platforms in one click. If you want to play it safe, set budget caps per hotel, or hotel channel, and never lose track of your CPC spend.



Now with auto-bidding, bid to 1st position, and bid to top 3, you can manage global campaign bids manually or gain more control with TripAdvisor's budget and bidding control for groups of countries.


Commission Free CPC

Each platform works on a cost-per-click basis. Costs vary per platform, some are on a bid model, others are based on volume negotiations. Our CPC rates are at cost. The global average cost per click is 0.96€


Booking Engines & Channel Managers

Connect instantly to Meta I/O. More available soon and on request.

  • Atel
  • AvailPro
  • Avvio
  • BBliverate
  • Confortel
  • Cosmores
  • Cubilis
  • Dingus
  • Eturistic
  • Evolution
  • Fatmedia
  • Genares
  • GHIX (Superbooking)
  • GlobeKey
  • Guestcentric
  • Hermes
  • Hotel Pro
  • HotelJuice
  • HotelTools
  • HSDS
  • Idiso
  • Indra
  • Noray
  • Phobs
  • Protel
  • Protur
  • RateTiger
  • ReservIt
  • RezExchange
  • Satoria
  • SimpleBooking
  • Synxis
  • Tesipro
  • Travelanium
  • TravelTripper
  • Vertical Booking
  • Webhotelier
  • WindSurfer
  • WitBooking
  • WuBook
  • YieldPlanet
  • Yotel


Every Meta I/O account comes with training and a dedicated Account Manager who is here at any time to answer questions and provide support.


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