Rev up your hotel’s data strategy with a Customer Data Platform

Discover the benefits of a Customer Data Platform

Data is everywhere in travel. From research and booking, to pre-stay, during stay, and post-stay, hotels interact with guests across many touchpoints.

Each of those touchpoints is a valuable asset to generate deeper insights to serve that guest better. Whether it’s more relevant offers or personalizing the guest’s on-property experience, a conversation based on information that is highly relevant to the guest can drive top-line conversions and bottom-line guest satisfaction.

But, as tech stacks expand and guest touchpoints increase, how do you keep your entire operation aligned around the latest guest data?

It starts with a customer data platform (CDP). A CDP is a standardized data layer that keeps your customer data in-sync across your technology stack. By unifying fragmented data, you’ll discover new ways to engage guests and boost satisfaction. To help you get started, here are nine benefits to adding a CDP to your tech stack.


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